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Exterior Services

Wash & Wax

Our exterior wash service covers everything: tires, rims, wheel wells, door jambs, tire dressing, trim dressing and a premium spray wax.

Exterior Detail

Similar to our Wash & Wax service but with an added clay bar treatment which will remove harsh contamination buildup on your paint. Paint goes from rough to smooth as we careful clay the entire exterior. We complete the service by applying a long lasting sealant and shine the vehicle to perfection.

Paint Enhancement Polish w/wax

Another popular Sunshine service is our 1-step paint enhancement. This service is perfect for that car paint that has begun to dull over time. Though this service is far from the transformative effects of full multi-step paint correction, it’s definitely the best bang for your buck if you're looking for an overall boost in shine while eliminating minor imperfections. Leaves behind a fine level of wax too!

Full Paint Correction

This is the big daddy of polishing. We start with a strip wash, clay and iron decontamination. Then, we proceed with highly abrasive compound or polish and end with a less abrasive polish that is sure to bring back your car’s intended showroom shine. We finish the job by adding a long lasting sealant to protect your car’s shine to the fullest.

Ceramic Coating

This isn’t your dad’s car wax! Our state of the art Graphene Ceramic Coating offers upwards of 5 years protection. Intense water beading action means easier washes and a huge extension to the life of your clear coat. It’s the latest paint protection technology available on the market today and the best paint protection without getting a clear bra or PPF.

Engine Bay Detail

The engine bay is often the most neglected part of the car when it comes to cleaning. In addition to enhancing the engine’s cosmetic appeal, a clean engine can help you reduce the risk of expensive, time-intensive engine repairs. And, if you’ve already got an oil leak, this service will help you (or your mechanic) find the source of the leak. Ask about our undercarriage service too!

Headlight Restoration

Faded headlights not only look bad but they also reduce nighttime visibility. Our multi-step wet-sanding, followed by polishing and a one-year minimum clear coat will leave your headlights looking clear and glossy.
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