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Interior Services

Interior Detail

In short, every square inch of the interior is addressed so that your car can look, feel and smell new again where over an hour of each day is spent: inside the car. After using an air compressor to blast away debris from all of those hard to reach places, we agitate every surface, crack and crevice with some of the best cleaning and conditioning products on the market, leaving your vehicle clean, dust free and protected.

Steam Cleaning

Sticky situations call for steam. Our powerful steam machine easily takes care of candy, gum, and that hard to get grime in those cracks and crevices. When a more intense interior detail is needed, ask about our steam cleaning service.

Hot water extraction

Sometimes a surface scrub just isn’t enough. Our method of hot water extraction involves specialized chemical treatment, intense scrubbing and steam followed by hot water injection combined with a powerful vacuum. Seats, carpets, and floor mats are as clean as can be. Whether you've just bought a car and want the previous owners grease, grime and sweat removed or if you've spilled a few lattes in your car in traffic, get your fabrics as clean as possible with our hot water extraction service.

Ozone Treatment

Got a smell that won’t seem to go away? Ozone treatment is the answer. Even after intense scrubbing and chemical treatments, some smells can find a way to hide and linger around forever! Not so with our ozone service. Vomit, urine, feces, pet odors, tobacco, cannabis, food and drink spills are no match for our ozone machine! Get the job done right the first time and eliminate the smell for good with Sunshine’s Ozone treatment roday.
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