K G.
Abe and his young apprentice came the next day! They did a great job on what I was told, was in the top 10 of the dirtiest cars they've ever cleaned! 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 big German Shepherd dogs, and us with all kinds of DIY projects hauling grass sod, decomposed granite, bricks, retaining wall blocks, etc. made for a challenging clean up. They did a great job! I had them only clean the interior, nothing fancy, and still, it came out 1000x better than what it looked like before. I may go back and ask for the fancy hot water extraction and stain removal to take it to the next level. They came to my house, accepted digital payments and were super respectful, and left everything neat and clean. Super recommend!!!
Gracie S.
I had the worse luck with a nasty spill in my car and it REEKED even after I thought I cleaned it up. I was desperate because I didn't want my car getting worse since I couldn't even air it out due to rain and the fact that I couldn't wait another day or 2 to allow the smell to settle in deeper. They were extremely accommodating to my tight schedule , upcoming holidays, and get my car back to me ASAP. I'm extremely happy with my results and their flexibility with me. I highly recommend
Lupe V
I had my dad's work car fully cleaned up from the interior and despite lots of stains & dirt marks, the car looked brand new. He took the time to focus on the details & did an amazing job.
Naomi G.
Have been meaning to leave a review because I was extremely pleased with the service. Punctual, reliable and great customer service! I had never seen my suv that clean when they were done
Kreng K
Sunshine Auto Detail is amazing. Not only were they responsive, the owner was really nice ans friendly. Also, they did an amazing job with my Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020 and made it presentable for me to sell. The stains on the chair, the unreachable dusty corners inside were all cleaned and nicely done. They did a thorough job which lasted for about 1.5-2hrs. Plan ahead on either waiting or going somewhere else while getting your car cleaned. Lastly, the waiting area is clean and comfortable. They have water, wifi and bathroom available at your disposal. I highly recommend this place. They were amazing!
Abe, the owner, he is very nice and did an amazing job with my car. I am 100% satisfied and happy. And I am a very picky person!!!! I would highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you again!
Word C
Needed a quick response and a Even quicker detailing last minute and Abe was up for the challenge. Great personality and I was satisfied with the service I received. I know that if he were to have more time with my vehicle it would've been perfect! I highly recommend!
Angel S
Got an interior detailing for my GF's 2016 Toyota Corolla that had seat stains and carpet stains. Abe took great care of those stains and improved the overall look of the inside of the car. The trunk even had some carpet spills and those were removed. The seats looked way better after the detailing. Also got an exterior basic wash and even that was great.
Brendan G
I needed my car interior cleaned in a pinch. With very little heads up , very responsive and able to accommodate me. They did a great job , in a tight turn around. Highly recommend!
Julio G
Best detailing in the SGV. They've always taken good care of my ride. Definitely would recommend them.
Kevin H
Service was outstanding. I have a difficult time removing the watermarks on the windows after every car wash, but Abe removed them for me. The interior is sparkling clean, even the tires look brand new. The interior of my vehicle had disgusting fingerprints left from my car being serviced. I will definitely call them up again.
My car was so messy and overwhelming, sunshine auto detail took care of everything. Good price, very professional, and awesome results.
Michelle H
I definitely recommend sunshine auto detail. It was very easy to make an appointment and Abe is very responsive. Abe did such an amazing job! He was able to get out stains that were embedded into my seats and the car refresher/ shampoo he used make it smell like strawberries. I'm so happy with the service. He used such attention to detail and really cared. I will definitely come back again.
Randall D
I love to overland and off road on the weekends and my truck needed a good deep clean and detail. Searched up auto details in the SGV and found Abe! I was so impressed with the quality work and service and will coming back over and over from this point on. Never disappointed and the results are amazing. Engine, exterior and interior never looked so good! Definitely coming back for all the cars! Thanks Abe for all your hard work and awesome service!!
Michelle P
I was looking for a reasonably priced auto detail shop as we wanted to clean out the interior of our car for our newborn. My car was really filthy inside. I rarely clean it and it was filled with old food stains and dog hair. I found Sunshine auto through Yelp and they quoted me at such a reasonable price and they were so accommodating. I can't remember all that was done but it was vacuuming, steam cleaning and other stuff. I was able to get in that same week and the car was done (inside and basic outside wash) in about 2 hours. Although it wasn't spotless, it was pretty damn good for all the crap it had (inside and out). I was really impressed at the overall cleanliness and hard work that was put into it. I get my car was in bad shape as I rarely clean it lol. I wish I had a before and after picture to show how much better it looked. Dog hair was gone, food stain/ gunk in cup holders were cleaned out, dust wasn't visible on dashboards. And the customer service was great! I can tell they appreciated my business. I would highly recommend Sunshine and I would come back in the future. Thank you for making us feel that we can bring our newborn safely in our car!
Tammy T
Thanks ABE! You are patient and easy going, glad you're happy at what you do. Thanks for taking care of my interior and for dropping off my crystal glass Buddhist pendant.
Alfonso M
Got an exterior detail for my Hummer H2 which had been sitting in the sun for a year collecting dust. He brought the paint and trim back to life.! Definitely will be recommending others. Price was good and quality was way above what I thought could be done. Thanks for the great work Abe.
Chris W
Thank you Abe! Told me everything I need to know no BS. Took my car to get a protective coat and he did an excellent job. Great price as well Would recommend!!!
Lourdes L
Abe did an amazing job on my car. I needed an exterior detail to get some scratches out and was able to remove them. My car looks amazing now. He was responsive and communicated with me throughout the process. I definitely recommend his services for anyone looking to get their car detailed.
Irma T
Thank you Abe for taking care of our car today! We have a 2020 Ford Escape that had numerous spots that did not go away after a car wash . But Abe took care of the issue with our last minute request . Will definitely use service again !
Joanne C
Went to Abe to get interior detailing. He was able to make my seats with 10 years worth of stains look nearly brand new - it was a tough one with the seats being beige. There were a couple of trouble spots that I didn't notice until I got home. Contacted Abe and he gladly fixed it up with no problem. Overall, excellent service and excellent response time. Thank you Abe.
Frieda S
Happy with the result. Exterior cleaning, did a great job getting the exterior water marks off of my car. Great job getting my husky's dog fur out of the interior too. Good guy, happy with the service. Thank you!
Eng Rami A.
I am a person who rarely write any review. However, today is an exceptional day. I took my car to Abe place. Seriously, they offer the best detailing for my Mustang GT. The work quality, the time spent, the level of caring is AMAZING. If you think you need a detailing, just give Abe a message and you will thank me later!!
Sarah C.
if i could give him more then 5 stars i would!! He was extremely responsive & friendly! He cleaned my beige seats and they look BRAND NEW !! Definitely took his time and paid attention to detail with i appreciate & his prices are affordable!! I definitely recommend this services !
Juan H
Called Abe this morning around 9am and he was able to come to my house at 11:30am for a mini detail. Abe did an amazing job on my girlfriends 2021 Kia Seltos. I will definitely use his services again and will recommend to anyone who needs a detail. Keep up the great work Abe!
Paul G
Highly recommended. Abe responds quickly, works very efficiently, and does a really thorough job. My 4Runner had gotten a bunch of light scratches, which were very visible but fortunately did not scratch the paint all the way to the metal. Abe did a great job removing the scratches, my car looks brand new again!
Kaitlynn H
Super easy process, dropped my car off with them for an interior detail (I spilled a smoothie and coffee on the carpets) and got it back looking brand new- no signs of any spillage. They also left me with a microfiber cloth to wipe down as needed & a couple mints. Will be back.
Jackie J
What can I say, he was super responsive and was able to squeeze me in with short notice. He did an amazing job, my car looks brand new. The owner is humble and down to earth. He was a pleasure to do business with. What I really loved about his company is that he enjoys the work he does. Highly recommended!
Jason H
I scraped the rear end of my Lexus RC and received quotes ranging from $200-400 to repaint the damaged area. Abram replied back quoting me $50 to touch it up and guaranteed it would come out looking new. He even offered to do it for free if I wasn't satisfied. We set up a time and he came to my garage to work on my car. Once completed, he gave my car a wash also for free! Everything came out looking good and I began using him as my main car wash contact going forward. Highly recommended.
Chloe E
Service was very convenient. Removed my bumper scratches. Polished my faded black plastic bumper and now looks new (see pics). Rugs vacuumed, shampooed and now feels fluffy ;) Interior super clean and smells great! Will definitely use this service again.
T J.
Great service! They always do a fantastic job, making my car shine inside and out!
Monica P.
Great job on my car! Professional quality work. Will definitely use this business again for mobile car wash. Thanks guys!
Olivia C.
I used Sunshine Auto Detail for my Dad's father day gift Carlos was very nice had all the equipment and did a wonderful job. I would recommend using this company.
Claudia D.
Carlos was a professional and was on time. He did an excellent job on cleaning my car it was a mess with my kids and two hairy dogs. It looked brand new after his was done.
Torrie T.
Carlos did a great job. He was quick to respond to chats. His pricing was fair. Upon arrival he made sure to check if there were any time constraints, so as not to inconvenience me. I would definitely use him again.
Loui V.
Carlos was Awesome. I had 4 cars detailed by him and they all ended up looking really good. He took his time and stayed late to make sure everything came out perfect. Definitely would recommend!
Julian A.
Carlos did a great job on my car. After 3 months of not washing it, he made it look as if it were brand new! Asked for a quote & he was able to come the next day. Thanks Carlos!
Kristopher B.
Bought a used car and wanted to have the interior detailed as well as disinfected. Carlos did an awesome job it looks and smells great! I will be recommending to others!
Roland D.
One call and big Carl and Abe came through. Took their time and my car looks great. Carl took great care to remove all the water spots created by my sprinklers. The inside of my car is immaculate. Carl and Abe take pride in their work and it shows. Definately going to use them again! Proud to support my local businesses.
Jenny D.
Great people, great work ethic, great job! So glad my husband found Sunshine Auto detail. They came out today and took great care in cleaning and detailing my mini van. My van got some much needed TLC, inside and out. Thanks Abe and Carlos for making my ordinary, family mini van shine like new.