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Client Reviews

Gracie S.
I had the worse luck with a nasty spill in my car and it REEKED even after I thought I cleaned it up. I was desperate because I didn't want my car getting worse since I couldn't even air it out due to rain and the fact that I couldn't wait another day or 2 to allow the smell to settle in deeper. They were extremely accommodating to my tight schedule , upcoming holidays, and get my car back to me ASAP. I'm extremely happy with my results and their flexibility with me. I highly recommend
Lupe V
I had my dad's work car fully cleaned up from the interior and despite lots of stains & dirt marks, the car looked brand new. He took the time to focus on the details & did an amazing job.
Naomi G.
Have been meaning to leave a review because I was extremely pleased with the service. Punctual, reliable and great customer service! I had never seen my suv that clean when they were done
Kreng K
Sunshine Auto Detail is amazing. Not only were they responsive, the owner was really nice ans friendly. Also, they did an amazing job with my Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020 and made it presentable for me to sell. The stains on the chair, the unreachable dusty corners inside were all cleaned and nicely done. They did a thorough job which lasted for about 1.5-2hrs. Plan ahead on either waiting or going somewhere else while getting your car cleaned. Lastly, the waiting area is clean and comfortable. They have water, wifi and bathroom available at your disposal. I highly recommend this place. They were amazing!
Abe, the owner, he is very nice and did an amazing job with my car. I am 100% satisfied and happy. And I am a very picky person!!!! I would highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you again!
Word C
Needed a quick response and a Even quicker detailing last minute and Abe was up for the challenge. Great personality and I was satisfied with the service I received. I know that if he were to have more time with my vehicle it would've been perfect! I highly recommend!
Angel S
Got an interior detailing for my GF's 2016 Toyota Corolla that had seat stains and carpet stains. Abe took great care of those stains and improved the overall look of the inside of the car. The trunk even had some carpet spills and those were removed. The seats looked way better after the detailing. Also got an exterior basic wash and even that was great.
Brendan G
I needed my car interior cleaned in a pinch. With very little heads up , very responsive and able to accommodate me. They did a great job , in a tight turn around. Highly recommend!
Julio G
Best detailing in the SGV. They've always taken good care of my ride. Definitely would recommend them.
Kevin H
Service was outstanding. I have a difficult time removing the watermarks on the windows after every car wash, but Abe removed them for me. The interior is sparkling clean, even the tires look brand new. The interior of my vehicle had disgusting fingerprints left from my car being serviced. I will definitely call them up again.
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