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Client Reviews

Frieda S
Happy with the result. Exterior cleaning, did a great job getting the exterior water marks off of my car. Great job getting my husky's dog fur out of the interior too. Good guy, happy with the service. Thank you!
Eng Rami A.
I am a person who rarely write any review. However, today is an exceptional day. I took my car to Abe place. Seriously, they offer the best detailing for my Mustang GT. The work quality, the time spent, the level of caring is AMAZING. If you think you need a detailing, just give Abe a message and you will thank me later!!
Sarah C.
if i could give him more then 5 stars i would!! He was extremely responsive & friendly! He cleaned my beige seats and they look BRAND NEW !! Definitely took his time and paid attention to detail with i appreciate & his prices are affordable!! I definitely recommend this services !
Juan H
Called Abe this morning around 9am and he was able to come to my house at 11:30am for a mini detail. Abe did an amazing job on my girlfriends 2021 Kia Seltos. I will definitely use his services again and will recommend to anyone who needs a detail. Keep up the great work Abe!
Paul G
Highly recommended. Abe responds quickly, works very efficiently, and does a really thorough job. My 4Runner had gotten a bunch of light scratches, which were very visible but fortunately did not scratch the paint all the way to the metal. Abe did a great job removing the scratches, my car looks brand new again!
Kaitlynn H
Super easy process, dropped my car off with them for an interior detail (I spilled a smoothie and coffee on the carpets) and got it back looking brand new- no signs of any spillage. They also left me with a microfiber cloth to wipe down as needed & a couple mints. Will be back.
Jackie J
What can I say, he was super responsive and was able to squeeze me in with short notice. He did an amazing job, my car looks brand new. The owner is humble and down to earth. He was a pleasure to do business with. What I really loved about his company is that he enjoys the work he does. Highly recommended!
Jason H
I scraped the rear end of my Lexus RC and received quotes ranging from $200-400 to repaint the damaged area. Abram replied back quoting me $50 to touch it up and guaranteed it would come out looking new. He even offered to do it for free if I wasn't satisfied. We set up a time and he came to my garage to work on my car. Once completed, he gave my car a wash also for free! Everything came out looking good and I began using him as my main car wash contact going forward. Highly recommended.
Chloe E
Service was very convenient. Removed my bumper scratches. Polished my faded black plastic bumper and now looks new (see pics). Rugs vacuumed, shampooed and now feels fluffy 😉 Interior super clean and smells great! Will definitely use this service again.
T J.
Great service! They always do a fantastic job, making my car shine inside and out!
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