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Adventures in Auto Detailing


Dissatisfied Clients – My Favorite Ones

The more that I grow as a detailer/business owner, the more value I place on those who are dissatisfied with the services I provide. Thankfully, these clients are rare but when I do come across any amount of dissatisfaction, I find that I am embracing it more, as I very well should. Take “J” for example: we had the pleasure of doing 2 full details on her car and truck and we completed the job in good time. But after about a week, I found out that she was not thrilled about the level of service she received from us. Naturally, I thought “Oh boy, how could we have missed those areas?” However, I quickly realized that this was actually a valuable opportunity, both for me and the client. For me, I was about to learn what a major weakness in the business was and how this problem could be avoided in the future. For the client, she was about to get blessed with amazing customer service as well as a free interior detail just for the inconvenience. At the end of the day, everyone got blessed. “J” was so happy that she left us a 5 star review and

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Details in the Fabric

As a detail oriented business owner, I’m always looking for potential areas of improvement: ways to improve myself, my routine, my business, my finances, etc. As I round the third year of being an entrepreneur, I’m realizing more and more that there are soooo many areas of my life that still need quite a bit of detailing attention…..

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